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It will land in Braga, on the first day of the festival, another heavyweight name: Cesqeaux. Ready to shine on stage, the producer, performer and composer, is known as a force of nature; It’ll be completely impossible for you to keep your feet in the ground to the sound of his music.

On 26th and 27th July, the Altice Forum Braga hosts the fifth edition of the Dancefloor Festival, adding international artists to its unmissable lineup. To join the hottest party of the year, Cesqeaux is the latest confirmation to take the stage to showcase his outstanding Djing skills.

Cesqeaux produces and composes his own material, as well as investing himself in collaborations; one of the greatest evidences is the song '2U', with Justin Bieber, sided by David Guetta. In electronic music tracks, his energy is contagious and with such a gravitational force that it becomes impossible to escape the attraction once caught in its orbit. The artist has already performed at major festivals worldwide, working and exploring all aspects of his art. Hence, keeping his repertoire as personalized as fresh: a strong and original sound-signature, avant-garde aesthetics and the promise of a constantly new experience.

The Dutch producer is the author of the exciting 3 volume EP 'Eauxmygod', by the Barong Family, with the collaboration of Yellow Claw and the Caribbean producer MENASA, as well a solo EP released by Mad Decent (The Infamous) among many other singles.

Always eager to use his own vocals in his productions, the pop track 'Private Time', with Sophie Simmons, was received with great surprise, and as the perfect aftermath for major works such as the planetary hit '2U' with David Guetta and Justin Bieber and the Yellow Claw’s ‘Stacks’, with Quavo and Tinie Tempah.

In recent years, the producer's list of collaborations became bigger and bigger, and his status in the music scene only reflects this effort. Cesqeaux co-produced Yellow Claw’s ‘Wild Mustang’ and worked with renowned names such as Major Lazer ('Night Riders'), Selena Gomez ('Good for You'), David Guetta & Afrojack ('Hey Mama' and 'Dirty Sexy Money'), DJ Snake ('Ocho Five'), Yellow Claw ('Wild Mustang' and 'Higher') as well as Barong Family' s brothers Moksi, San Holo and Stoltenhoff. Three amazing videos were drawn from Eauxmygod Vol. 3 as a pure statement of irreverence and depth, imploding any sort of meekness and commonplaces.

Packed with new sounds and sparkling creativity, Cesqeaux travels to Braga this summer. His talent continues to impress his fan base, growing every single day, from the United States to China, from Brazil to Australia to his motherland, the Netherlands. He has appeared in several editions of the Tomorrowland and Mysteryland festivals, and at the Magnetic RARE Festival Orlando, returning triumphantly at the Ultra Festival in the spring of 2018.

On any road towards the stages, the producer doesn’t miss the opportunity to leave his mark, lasting in the memories of those who have the opportunity to testify it. On July 26th, Portugal will be his destination, being more precise, under the spotlights of the country's most electrifying dance floor.